When Mental Health Sends You Running for Cover


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When Mental Health Sends You Running for Cover

Sometimes, in an effort to support and help us, our brains process things in dysfunctional ways. Often our brain has the best intentions to support us through the array of difficult situations we face every day, but frequently these signals get a little crossed and instead of helping us we end up with more stress then we can handle.

Anxiety is one of the ways in which our brains think they are supporting us, but really it is teaching us very dysfunctional ways of handling life’s challenges. I recently came across an article that I absolutely love because it’s all about how to teach little ones how to cope with anxiety so that when they become adults they have healthy tools and understand how their brains work.

I highly recommend reading this article if you have kiddos at home or if you have ever struggled with anxiety, or any kind of mental health for that matter. Often mental health struggles come with a whole gamut of shame, and negative emotions, because we don’t understand what is functional about what is happening inside our brains and bodies, because often in the helping profession people end up becoming people who carry labels. This article breaks down those barriers, and the shame around dealing with anxiety.


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