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Everyone is on their own path through life and we, at Converging Currents Counselling, believe that the experiences you have had in your life directly impact your journey. We value your story and want to hear it and understand it, because it is the context for whatever you are currently going through. We believe that all people can benefit from counselling: counselling can help those going through difficult times or those just needing to gain a new perspective on their current situation. Challenges have a way of leaving us feeling hurt, lonely and isolated. The emotions we feel can sometimes be big and confusing. Maybe you feel like you need to just "get over it" and "move on". Frequently, we see people numbing and pushing feelings down, but we want to help you work through your experiences and incorporate them into your story in a healthy and productive manner. Hardships can either help us grow and transform us, or they can crush us if we let them. We want you to thrive, not just survive your experiences.

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Virtual Counselling

For those who are not located in Kimberley, BC, we conveniently offer the same professional counselling services online within the comfort of your home or office. We use software that is secure and encrypted to ensure that privacy and confidentiality is maintained. Allowing you to feel comfortable and secure during your telemental health video call.

Traditional Counselling

We work with children, individuals, couples and families in a variety of capacities. Individuals young and old enjoy variety of counsellor styles offered at our office. We are focused on helping you gain forward momentum in your life and achieving your personal goals. We help couples and families take their connection deeper and make your relationships stronger. We also work with parents to help them understand their little one's behaviours or challenges. Finally, we work with individuals to help them understand better their strengths and areas of growth.

Business & Organizational Support

We will work with your small or large business to help you reach your goals and build a healthy, and effective team foundation. Maybe you've never thought of working with a counsellor to help strengthen your staff team or organization; however, being relationship specialists means we can bring many unique and valuable tools to your workplace to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve within your company.

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