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A Convergence of Currents occurs where one or more streams meet and flow together creating a larger river. Similarly, I believe that counselling is a collaborative process between client and practitioner where relational and generative conversations create transformation.

Rivers always flow to the lowest point and are directed on their way by features or obstructions in the riverbed that impact the shape of the river and direction the river flows. The rocks in the riverbed are also shaped by the flow of water over their surface. They are worn and softened by the movement of water. Thus both the river and the rocks shape and are shaped by each other.

Sometimes, when there are storms the water level rises and the current becomes stronger; other times, the water flow recedes and the river gently meanders along its way. This metaphor represents the experience of being in a relationship, whether it be with a romantic partner, a business partner, or any kind of relationship.

In counselling, the practitioner may direct the conversation with clients; however, both are shaping and being shaped by each other in the process, neither one leaving the session without being transformed through the collaborative process. Crises, like storms, come and go and impact the client’s life, the practitioner’s life, and the life of the session.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” ~ Heraclitus


We work as a collaborative team bringing resources, training and perspective from various backgrounds into the therapy room, so that we are a stronger force in our goal of helping you to create transformation and change in your own life.


Individuals, couples, families & communities whose actions demonstrate self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-compassion that results in emotional healing and mental resilience occurring within our lives, our relationships and our homes.


Inspire Change
Create Collaboration
Foster Humility
Share Empathy


In 2016, Hannah opened the doors of Converging Currents Counselling in Kelowna, BC where she established herself in private practice for 4 years, before uprooting and moving her business to Kimberley, BC, in 2020. She is passionate about teams that work together in supportive ways.

Fostering Collaboration and Growth

During her University years she worked on a team that fostered collaboration and team cohesion. This was an amazing experience and she experienced first hand how this environment led to better therapy for the clients. The therapists drew on each others strengths and resources and frequently collaborated when cases were more challenging or difficult. This led to clients that got to work with an entire team, not just one person. Hannah’s goal coming out of University was to eventually create and replicate this type of team in another community. Her desire is that Converging Currents Counselling will serve the community through first creating a collaborative and warm office space for counsellors to challenge each other and grow into great practitioners.

Hannah aims to create a team environment that fosters collaboration and sharing of experiences and thus serves the greater community by sharing the strengths of not just one, but multiple counsellors with you.

Building a Strong and Diverse Team

Converging Currents has now grown into a strong and collaborative team of practitioners who are passionate about what we offer clients. We value seasoned therapists, as well as, new counsellors and practicum students because we recognize that there is value in every stage of a counsellors career. New therapists come to counselling with fresh eyes and up to date training; they keep seasoned counsellors from becoming stagnant and complacent; while seasoned therapists offer experience and perspectives that new therapist are still gaining. Although new therapists are learning, they offer great benefit to the team. We hire practicum students for two reasons: because we want to continue to honor growth and learning within our team and because they allow us to offer a sliding scale to those who can’t afford private counselling, but still want the quality and care that comes with private practice.

Team Collaboration and Client Support

We regularly meet as a team. Team meetings allow us to debrief and unpack questions and challenges we are experiencing which helps us gain fresh insight and ensure we are not missing anything in our work with clients.

Practicum Student’s work with clients alone, but Hannah Kempf supervises and oversees their work. Hannah will often sit in sessions with students and is always available to the student for support and insight. Clients are encouraged to also reach out to Hannah if they have questions. You benefit from working with a student counsellor because you get two counsellors supporting your journey.