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About Jennifer

I grew up in Northwestern Ontario in a rural mining community with a population of 2400 people. As a teenager I worked part time after school, on weekends and in the summer to save for a trip to Europe. During my social work degree I completed a practicum at the youth custody centre and became interested in learning more about how young people find themselves in conflict with the law. I attended graduate school in Prince George and completed my research with young people in conflict with the law. While working and living in BC’s Interior Region, I picked up Nordic and down hill skiing (although I am still only a green run skier). In 2008, after neglecting my diet and health during graduate school, I signed up for my first half marathon: running would became important for my health and self care.

In 2018, I had my first child. Seven moths after my son arrived I was diagnosed with post-partum anxiety. I really relied on my family’s support during that time. As a mental health professional I was surprised that I didn’t notice the anxiety creep up on me and I was very disappointed in myself for not taking better care of my mental health. In 2020, when I learned that I was having twins I worried that I would have similar post-partum struggles (especially with 2 babies and during covid lock downs). However, the second time around was different, I was prepared for the challenge and gift that my girls brought to our family.

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Therepeutic Approach

Often mental health counselling focuses on deficits and areas of improvement; however, I believe that counselling should also incorporate and give attention to clients’ strengths. Together we can draw on how you got through any previous difficult experiences. My practice is open to all communities and I understand that people may bring with them challenging histories of trauma and discrimination that need to be processed. My intention as a counsellor is to create a safe and open environment for you to feel heard and understood no matter what your story is. I am passionate to learn about my clients’ perception of themselves and of the world and to see how these perceptions collide with their experiences. I think that life experiences (both positive and negative) alter our sense of self and how we are in the world.

I incorporate systems theory into my practice, recognizing that the world is made up of systems that are fluid and complex. We all come with systems, some that serve us well and others that require careful reflection and examination. My approach to therapy with clients is collaborative and grounded in motivational interviewing, EMDR, DBT, CBT, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), modified interaction guidance, and Gottman method couples counselling.

Areas of Focus

Relationship issues, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Addictions, Attachment and Relational Bonds, Parenting, Perinatal Challenges, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and LGTBQ+.

Insurance Information

Jenn should be covered by most insurance plans. Check your benefits for Master of Social Work (MSW) or Registered Social Worker (RCSW or RSW) coverage. We offer receipts for reimbursements. 

Professional Background

Jennifer originally received an Honors Bachelor Degree in Social Work in 2004 and then went on to complete her Masters of Social work in 2008. She worked for two years in a community social work setting and as an addictions counsellor after completing her Bachelor Degree.

Jennifer has been practicing for 20 years and has worked with trauma, high risk child and youth mental health, adult mental health and substance use, forensic psychiatric services, and Inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, as well as with couples experiencing challenges in their relationship.

Throughout her career she has taken on various leadership roles, both as a team leader and manager, which took her away from counselling work with clients. This path provided me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, but ultimately, she realized her passion lied in supporting clients through the counselling relationship

Professional Registration

I am a registered clinical social worker (RCSW) in the province of British Columbia.

Counselling Services

Individual therapy, Children, Youth, Family and Couples

Individual Counselling Sessions
60 min – $165 / 
90 min – $210

Couples / Family Therapy Sessions
60 min – $185
75 min – $215

Training & Courses

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Dialectical behavioral therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Gottman Couples therapy (level 1 and 2)
Eye movement desensitization reprocessing
Modified interaction guidance
Adult attachment interview
Motivational interviewing (Level 1 and 2)

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