Holly Gauvin

Student Counsellor
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About Holly

I was raised in Cranbrook, BC with my four siblings. As a child, I always enjoyed playing outdoors, riding my bike, and making new friends. I was very social and always looking for meaningful relationships. Others would often speak about my determination which I believe is what got me to where I am today.

I have faced and continue to face many challenges in my life where fear tries to take over. I find motivation through my girls and wanting to show up as my best self for those around me, and I change my hardships into opportunities for growth. This journey has no final destination, but it is a continuous process. The first step is getting started and knowing you don’t have to do it alone.

Emotional Empowerment

My passion is to help people build self-confidence and empower them to manage their emotions during stressful life circumstances; so they can live an empowered and balanced life. One of my favorite parts about my Master’s Program is learning about how to effectively build a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic environment where clients can begin to explore the authentic side of themselves. Although it is incredibly difficult for me to watch others suffer and struggle, counselling individuals has been a lesson in humility. My goal is not to tell you how to solve your problems, but to help you see the difficulties and challenges in your life from new perspectives. Then, you will have the capacity to find healthy solutions that work for you. I don’t take for granted how privileged I am to be given the chance to hear your story.

I believe we all have a natural desire to grow and change as we journey through life. I think, all humans desire to find their “true selves” and find meaning in their own life story. Growth can be challenging and this is why we all need support along the path of healing and discovery, from someone who can help you get unstuck.

Together, we will identify your most important therapeutic goals and look at your values and strengths to assess the best way to work on these goals together in sessions. My desire is to assist you in developing greater acceptance, self-compassion, and connection in your life.

Professional Background

I am a Cranbrook local who originally started my career in the area of business. Over time, I found I became drawn to a different life path, that would be shaped by coming alongside others and listening with empathy to their stories. I am deeply moved by seeing others overcome their own challenges and create new stories in their own lives. This inspired me to formalize my interests and obtain my Masters in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University.

During my first year at Yorkville University, I volunteered on the crisis line as a responder. I have found meaning and fulfillment in these moments of connecting with those in the middle of crisis. This experience greatly shaped my therapeutic skills and forever changed the way I listen and validate those facing big circumstances.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me with my three daughters and enjoying time outdoors with family and friends. You can usually find me in the mountains hiking, biking, skiing or adventuring. There’s something so powerful about nature that fills my spirit with wholeness.

Professional Registration

Holly is registered with the Canadian Counselling and
Psychotherapy Association as a Student Counsellor.

Counselling Services

Individual therapy (adults) and Couples Therapy

Individual Sessions
Cost based on Sliding Scale

Couples Sessions
Cost based on Sliding Scale.

Training & Courses

Mental Health First Aid
Crisis Line Responder Training
EFCT – Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy

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