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Adventure Therapy

What is Adventure Therapy or Outdoor Wilderness Therapy?

Sometimes referred to as “Wilderness Therapy”, Adventure therapy is the use of the outdoors, nature and adventure as part of the therapeutic process. It is based in the belief that “experiences” shapes us and experiential-activities in nature can promote healing and help you reach your individual mental health goals. 

Outdoor Wilderness Therapy uses a variety of outdoor activities during the therapy session and the activities are often chosen in collaboration with clients and based on their goals and personal needs. Therapist that work in Outdoor Wilderness Therapy still use many of the same counselling skills that would be present if you were sitting in an office with four walls.

The biggest difference between traditional therapy approaches and experiential approaches, like Wilderness Therapy, is the use of the environment and experiences to promote change in the individual or groups life. 

Activities Can include:

Cross-Country Skiing
Quinhzee building

Overnight Backpacking Trips
Standup Paddleboarding
Canoe Expedition Trips
Shelter building

The specific experiences and activities are tailored for each client and their specific, therapy goals.

Hannah Yager is the owner and director of Converging Currents. Hannah is a Registered Social Worker in British Columbia. She completed her graduate Clinical Social Work education at the University of Calgary. 

She is also a trained and experienced white water kayaker, hiker, canoe instructor, paddleboarder, and mountain biker. She personally runs each group with the accompaniment of a secondary support staff who has the appropriate guide and/or instructor certifications for the activities used in your therapy. 

Additionally, Hannah is a member of the Therapeutic Adventure Professionals Group and the Kimberley Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to know more about Hannah Yager or the other staff who make up the Adventure Therapy Team, please click here.

Are you or someone you know interested in Wilderness Therapy?

If you would like to do individual therapy in the outdoors or would like her to organize a group for teens or adults in the outdoors, please contact Hannah Yager for more information. 

Converging Currents is located in gorgeous, Kimberley, BC amidst the magnificent Purcell Mountain Range and the BC Rocky Mountains. All Wilderness Therapy sessions or groups will take place within the nearby area of Kimberley and the surrounding area.