Session Information

I offer a variety of sessions to meet your needs. All of my counselling sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client. Please contact me so we can come up with the right type and extent of counselling to fit your needs.

If cost is a factor for you, then please consider group therapy as a viable option. Group therapy is generally a lower rate than one-to-one counselling and is a great way to explore counselling if you are not certain of your commitment to weekly sessions.

Individual Counselling

(Children, Youth, or Adults)

50 minute session $120
90 Minute Session $180 (by request only)

Couples Counselling or Family Therapy

50 Minute Session $130
90 Minute Session $195 (by request only)

Group Therapy or Workshops

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For More Information

*EMDR sessions are done in 90 minute sessions for best results

Sessions offered in English or Spanish depending on clients preference