Mental & Emotional Wellbeing and Trauma Recovery : Children and Adults

Sometimes, it may seem as if life has it in for us and we can never catch our breath. We might feel alone and isolated, or misunderstood by those around us. Maybe we are dealing with fear, depression, or anxiety or maybe we have had a traumatic experience that has left us hypervigilant, fearful, or upset. Maybe we are being bullied at work or school, or going through a difficult transition in life.

In reality, there will always be moments we have little to no control over, but what we can always control is how we maneuver through these moments and how we take control of our recovery and healing.

Whether you are looking for trauma counseling or grief counseling to help you get through a recent loss, or psychotherapy for the daily challenges you confront. Collaboratively, I will support you through the barriers you are facing. I will journey alongside you and help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to create transformation, hope and healing in your situation. I am passionate about working with children and adults.

If you have any questions I offer a free ten minute consultation over the phone or email. Contact me for an initial, no obligation, confidential consultation.

Service Options and Fees

I offer a variety of services to meet your needs. All of my counselling sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client.

Group Therapy and Workshops are a great add on to consider – healing in groups is an amazing experience and growing along side other families or couples who are facing similar challenges can create a sense of support and awareness that isn’t available in one-to-one counselling sessions. Please see the Groups Page for more information.

If cost is a factor for you, then my suggestion would be to mix and match services in order to meet your personal needs.

I encourage you to consider your overall goals and how much time and money your wanting to invest. Then let’s create the program that makes the most sense for your needs.


50 minute Individual Session $120 or 90 Individual EMDR Session $180
In person private counselling session – great for setting goals, working on more intense needs, processing challenges, or skill building with more personalized support.


30 Minute Phone Support $65
This possess more of a coaching feel to it. This is a great way to augment your counselling sessions. The Purpose of the phone support is to either check in with goals you are already working on in session or to work on other goals that you are more able to be self-directed with. We will check-in with your goals and set regular/weekly objectives. It is a great way to maintain forward movement as I support you over the phone with moving toward your goals, problem-solving any barriers that arise, gaining ideas for how to move forward, identifying any personal blockages and helping you remove them.


15 Minute Phone Support $30
Same as above, but for those times when you just need a quicker check-in and things are fairly smooth. Maybe to set new goals/objectives once you’ve achieved the ones you initially set.


Monthly Email Check-ins/Support
1 Monthly Check-in   $15
2 Monthly Check-ins $25
3 Monthly Check-ins $35
4 Monthly Check-ins $50
This will have more of a coaching feel to it. The purpose of the monthly email check-in is to give you a chance to send an email to me let me know how your doing and to ask any questions you have a long the way. Maybe you’ve come up against some barriers to your objectives and just want a few quick suggestions. Maybe you’ve met your objectives and you’re wanting to set new objectives and need suggestions for self-directed direction. Less intensive than the phone conversations. I might recommend some solutions to barriers or send you an article that might be helpful.