Couples Therapy & Family Counselling

Relationships can be rewarding and fulfilling! However, when we face conflict and challenges in our relationships we can feel desperate, afraid, angry, stressed, and disappointed. Whether it’s challenges fitting into a peer group, disagreements with a spouse, or parenting difficulties, this can lead to health issues, loss of sleep, separation, divorce, eating disorders, loneliness and ultimately unhealthy coping methods.

I would like to support you in noticing and understanding both the unhealthy, negative patterns that you and your loved ones have become prey to, as well as, discovering the healing patterns that can restore hope and fulfillment in your relationships.

You will learn new tools and communication techniques through relationship counseling and be provided with resources to support you in rebuilding or healing challenging relationships with your loved ones. Couples therapy or family therapy can be a great way to build deeper connections and bring hope back into your relationships, whether it be with your significant other or your children.

If you have any questions I offer a free ten minute consultation over the phone or email. Contact me for an initial, no obligation, confidential consultation.