The Unconventional Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Well we are two days into the New Year and I found myself pondering New Year’s Resolutions. Every year we are compelled by the masses to create promises about how we will make changes and improve our lives in the New Year. Then, the days tick by, as we desperately try to hold onto our […]

When Mental Health Sends You Running for Cover

  Sometimes, in an effort to support and help us, our brains process things in dysfunctional ways. Often our brain has the best intentions to support us through the array of difficult situations we face every day, but frequently these signals get a little crossed and instead of helping us we end up with more […]

Bonding Creates Purpose

Are you or someone you know affected by addictions? It’s interesting to think about this concept introduced as “bonding”. When these bonds (career, relationships, community, etc) fail or break down what unhealthy habits do you tend to bond to? What are the things that make you feel like you can’t bare to be present in […]

How will you create change?

Meet JR, an Artist, who shapes and transforms his world through the use of art that challenges ideas about social justice, identity, freedom, and issues of diversity. Sometimes when we are struggling we focus all of our attention on ourselves. While it’s not bad to focus on our own health and healing, sometimes what actually helps us […]

Okanagan Valley – Kelowna Counselling

Hi and welcome to the launch of my new site! Thanks for stopping by to take a peak. Let me tell you a little bit about my journey to the Valley. I moved to the Okanagan Valley at the beginning of November. I spent the past 8 years living in Calgary, Alberta and I loved the […]