I Love You….but I am not in love with you.

It’s Valentines day, and I’m home alone, because I haven’t found “Mr. Right.” The truth is, I’m content being single. I don’t believe Mr. Right exists. I’m not looking for him anymore. I’m looking for “true love”, except it’s not what you think “true love is.” I know that when I find it, it will […]

Shame – The Monster We Don’t Talk About

I have noticed something lately, low-self-esteem is an epidemic right now. And I think that shame is the birthing place of low-self-esteem. We live in a world that is fighting for people’s rights, right for diversity, right for self-determination, and yet shame is silently killing people’s identities. Shame tells us that we can’t be vulnerable, […]

The problem with “love” today.

Are you with someone (dating someone or looking for someone) that makes you feel happy or someone that challenges you to be a better person, while loving you for who you are?   One of the most meaningful relationships I had was definitely not the easiest. But it was one of the most rewarding because […]

What Does It Look Like When You Find Real Love?

Wow, I love this article (reposted at the bottom of my blog). I wish I had been told this when I hit the dating scene. It took many bad experiences looking for the wrong thing, and not seeing the right thing, to realize the truth of what this person has written so eloquently. Some of […]

When Did Greek Love Go Out of style?

I see a lot of relationships on the edge of ending. And it’s really sad to me! The saddest is when they end for the wrong reason. There are a lot of articles these days that contest the old adage “all you need is love,” but I want to contest the contesting. The Beatles might […]

Anxiety: the silent menace in our lives

BOOK NOW Are you suffering from anxiety? experiencing panic attacks? laying awake at night unable to sleep? or paralyzed by your anxious thoughts that keep you trapped and prevent you from living the life you dream about? You are not alone. Let me just say that again. You are not alone. Anxiety can feel lonely, […]

What you think you know about addictions, may not be right.

For many years we have been taught that addictions are caused by the substance being used, that through habit our bodies biologically crave the substance and boom you are an addict because you tried heroin while hanging out with friends one day. However, this video challenges this traditional view of addictions and suggests that addictions […]

7 Things You Should Know About Parenting

What is the biggest impact you will have on your children 5, 10, 15, and 60 years from now? The answer is simple: your relationship with them. Your relationship with your kids will impact your kids not only today but as they age. And it also sets an expectation for how relationships should look. Children […]

The Evolution of Relationships

BOOK A SESSION TODAY Are you wondering about staying in a relationship or wondering if there might be something better out there for you? This wondering might be hindering your ability to create the kind of relationship you want with the person you are with. In what ways are you protecting the relationship you have…or […]