Clinical Counselling Services or Therapeutic Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Families in the gorgeous, City of Kelowna, BC

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

Counselling Services & Therapeutic Coaching

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Are you looking for your purpose or trying to discover new direction in your life? Maybe you are transitioning from one stage of life to the next. Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or trying to make sense of your past experiences? Have you experienced a recent loss or a traumatic event in your life? Does it feel like you are stuck or lost? Maybe your wanting to dig deeper and really get to know yourself and discover who you are? Whatever you are facing, no matter what your age, collaboratively, I will journey alongside you and help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to create transformation, hope and healing in your situation.

Relationships: Couples & Family Therapy

Through family or couples therapy you will learn new tools and communication techniques and be provided with resources to support you in rebuilding and healing relationships with your loved ones. You can learn new and creative ways to handle the parent-child relationship in order to create connection with your child. Couples counseling can revive the love and hope in your marriage and increase your ability to understand each other’s perspectives. Learn how to continue growing in your relationships.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a wonderful way to focus on a specific theme or topic that is processed and discussed in a group with other individuals. Group therapy is a place to increase skills in a particular area, for example: relational skills, anger management, healthy communication, coping skills, or parenting capacity. Clients gain new insights, experience deeper connections with peers, and create self-awareness through accountability to other group members. Group Therapy is for men and woman, young and old. Everyone can benefit from a peer learning environment.

Converging Currents Counselling is a combined, 2-in-1 Practice, that doesn’t just offer counselling. This new form of Therapeutic Coaching is counselling reinvented. Often clients seek out a Life-Coach because they are more self-directed individuals, who have goals they want to achieve and want support along the way; another reason that clients choose to work with a Life-Coach is due to the cost. Typically, life coaches do not have the same level of training as clinical counsellors and therefore the services they offer are often more affordable for some individuals. Don’t you wish you could have both: the highly skilled counsellor who can help you understand yourself and heal and the coach who will support your journey of self-discovery. Counseling with a coaching edge offers the double benefit of working with a skilled counsellor, to overcome personal barriers and heal emotionally, while also launching yourself into a better future, one that you created and that you want to live in. Are you a motivated individual who is seeking counselling, but also wanting to develop a healthy lifestyle and discover more about yourself? Call today to find out more or check out what program is the best fit for you.

Converging Currents’ Philosophy

A Convergence of Currents occurs where one or more streams meet and flow together creating a larger river. Similarly, I believe that counselling is a collaborative process between client and therapist where relational and generative conversations create transformation.

Rivers always flow to the lowest point and are directed on their way by features or obstructions in the riverbed that impact the shape of the river and direction the river flows. The rocks in the riverbed are also shaped by the flow of water over their surface. They are worn and softened by the movement of water. Thus both the river and the rocks shape and are shaped by each other.

Sometimes, when there are storms the water level rises and the current becomes stronger; other times, the water flow recedes and the river gently meanders along its way.

As a counsellor, this metaphor represents to me the experience of counselling and the relationship between client and counsellor. The counsellor may direct the conversation; however, both are shaping and being shaped by each other in the process, neither one leaving the session without being transformed through the collaborative process. Crises, like storms, come and go and impact the client’s life, the counsellor’s life, and the life of the session.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” ~ Heraclitus

About Hannah Yager

Hannah Yager completed a Bachelors of Arts degree, studying Spanish and Development Studies, and then continued onto a Masters in Clinical Social Work with a focus in Couples and Family Therapy. Hannah is a Registered Social Worker with the British Colombia College of Social Workers.

Hannah has experience with a multiplicity of clients, from children to adults, facing a diverse set of challenges; such as, marital conflict, anxiety, depression, divorce, mental health, substance use, health concerns, domestic violence, parenting, grief and loss. Hannah always thought she would work with children and teenagers when she finished graduate studies; however, early on she realized that we are all very much impacted by the relationships that surround us. Hannah discovered that to ignore context is to declare that problems lie within an individual. This led to a new passion for family therapy and working with families to help families heal holistically and not just in part! Hannah continues to work with youth and individuals; however, She is always looking for connections and context in each person’s life in order to better support them with their change process.

Hannah grew up in a large family on Vancouver Island, just outside of Victoria, BC. During her undergrad, she was passionate about language and culture and lived in both Quito, Ecuador and Trinidad, Bolivia, studying in Ecuador and later working on a water project in the Amazon Jungle of Bolivia. These experiences have shaped who Hannah is as both a counsellor and social worker and given her a unique perspective on culture, people, and herself.

Hannah is an active individual and her heart feels most at peace when she is on a river, at the top of a mountain or in the middle of a forest.  She believes that nature has the ability to help us lose our minds, while we find our souls.